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At Mega Disposal Services Toledo, we are a family-owned and operated rental company that has been based in Toledo for several years. Over the years, we’ve worked with home and business owners across the city, providing a reliable and high-quality roll-off dumpster rental service they can trust. Furthermore, we offer clients highly competitive rates, timely delivery of their dumpsters, and excellent customer service to back it all up.

Our team works with clients to ensure the least friction possible when renting a dumpster. For instance, we’ve sped up the process of quickly finding and booking a dumpster, which takes only a couple of minutes. Alternatively, clients can call their account manager to book delivery of their roll-off dumpster.

At Mega Disposal Services Toledo, we genuinely care about our clients having a great experience.

Why Did We Start Mega Disposal Services Toledo?

Toledo has always been home to a few dozen dumpster rental services. Some of these services were more established and, like ours, were family-owned. However, we saw that many if not all the services back then were catering to business owners like contractors for the most part. Regular people or homeowners didn’t think they could hire one. Those that tried hiring a roll-off dumpster were put off by the prohibitively high rental fee. That’s what led to us starting Mega Disposal Services Toledo; the goal was to make renting a roll-off dumpster easy and affordable for everyone.

We were initially gearing our service to regular people who needed a way to quickly and easily remove junk from their homes. That’s why our early emphasis was on small size dumpsters like the 10-yard and 20-yard dumpster, which continues to be two of the most popular ones in your inventory. Our clients would and still include landlords cleaning up after their tenants, people taking up DIY landscaping projects, garage clean up, and basement clean up.

We also help people choose the right size dumpster for their project because not everyone knows exactly how large a 10-yard dumpster is compared to, let’s say, a 20-yard dumpster.

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The Most Trusted Dumpster Rental in Toledo

Mega Disposal Services Toledo does not claim to be the largest dumpster rental company in the city. However, over the years, we’ve managed to establish a reputation for being trusted. Our services have gained a great deal of credibility, and that’s why many people rely on us for their dumpster rental needs. A lot of our business still comes through referrals.

Even though our business is growing, our focus continues to be on the people who need us the most. That’s why if you’re in the market for a roll-off dumpster, do not hesitate to call us.

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Whether you build or demolish homes or a living, a DIY enthusiast, or just someone who thinks they should get rid of all the excess clutter around the house, a roll-off dumpster will make your life easier. Furthermore, our roll-off dumpsters are delivered on time and are of the highest quality. So, feel free to call us today to rent your dumpster.