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Mega Disposal Services Toledo has been serving the city of Toledo for well over a decade. Over the course of several years, we’ve come across many people who weren’t sure what size dumpster they should rent. Often, homeowners or small business owners will call us to figure out if our 10-yard dumpster or 20-yard dumpster would be large enough to dispose of drywall or rubbish from a yard cleaning project.

We also speak with people who want to hire the largest dumpster we have so that they have enough space. The fact is that most home renovation projects can do well with a 30-yard dumpster. Even though the 30-yard dumpster, in our opinion, is too large, even if you were disposing of the debris from a kitchen and bathroom renovation project at the same time. So, our point is why spend more money than you should?


In our experience, the 30-yard and 40-yard dumpsters are best suited for contractors working on large roofing or demolition projects. It all depends on how much waste is being generated from the ongoing project.

At Mega Disposal Services Toledo, we continue to help home, and business owners pick the right roll-off dumpster sizes for their needs. The right dumpster size not only gets the job done but saves money in the process.

If you have not rented a roll-off dumpster from us before, we’ve listed four of the most common sizes we have available and what types of projects they should be hired for.

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The 10-yard dumpster

Dimensions: 6-feet wide by 12-feet long by 4-feet tall

Now, this is the best size for anyone who wants to hire the smallest size dumpster to get the job done. Interestingly 80% of homeowners can get by with this size. It is best suited for DIY, kitchen, and bathroom renovation projects. It is also understandably the cheapest.

You should choose the 10-yard roll-off dumpster for:

  • Mainly small projects involving cleaning up your backyard
  • To discard drywall and concrete
  • Discard landscaping waste
  • Ideally suited to discarding waste generated by small remodeling projects

The 20-yard dumpster

Dimensions: 8-feet in width by 20-feet long by 4-feet tall

If you want a slightly larger dumpster, offering more space to accommodate all the waste you’re generating, then the 20-yard dumpster is the next size up. It is also twice the size of the 10-yard dumpster.

The 20-yard dumpster will accommodate everything the 10-yard will but more. Making it ideally suited for:

  • Tiles and shingles from a reroofing project
  • Old furniture
  • Debris from the bedroom or living room remodeling project

The 30-yard dumpster

Dimensions: 8-feet in width by 22-feet by 6-feet tall

If you need to discard the waste from a medium-sized project, the 30-yard dumpster is your best bet. It is large enough to accommodate the debris from the demolition of a small home. The best thing about the 30-yard dumpster size is you don’t need to waste time on frequent debris hauls.

The 40-yard dumpster

Dimensions: 8-feet by 22-feet by 8-feet tall

It is the largest one available and the best choice for contractors handling demolition or building projects. That said, the 40-yard dumpster is very large, which is why make sure that you have space on the site before renting it.